Thursday, December 23, 2010

Priew and หมูกระทะ

Yesterday Priew and I went for some หมูกระทะ, which litterally means "Pan fried pork" - but in reality is so much more.

The place we went to is a part of a franchise and has several branches. It's a buffet style deal where you're placed at a table and they bring out the pan for you, and then you go and fetch all of the meat, sea food, vegetables etc. that you want to eat, and bring it over to your table and cook it yourself. They also have typical Thai desserts and fruit.

It is pretty fun to cook the food yourself, it's tasty, you can eat as much as you like and the best part? 108 baht (ca. 20 NOK) per person! Wohoo!

Big glass bottle of Pepsi

Pouring some water into the pan
- some stuff you fry and some stuff you boil

By the meat station

Century egg
- which I've read about and seen videos of people eating
on youtube
It was really good!
No strong odor, or anything
I thought it had less of and "eggy"
and more creamy taste
(whatever that means)

Then we went to Khao San Road, the famous backpacker street to scout for some handsome western guys (Priew is single and looking!).

I found something more interesting:

I know you've been waiting for it

The hawker was so bored with
stupid foreigners taking pictures of his

Fried bugs are so cracked up
They're fried thorougly and seasoned
So they're crunchy and not that buggy
Fancy a small fried frog?

Young coconut ice cream

The red shirt selling the coconut..

... was VERY eager to make the point that
"red shirts know how to make money"
I think he was a bit intimidating

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