Sunday, December 26, 2010

Visiting Relatives in Petchaburi

My 25-year-old cousin,

Yesterday I went to see some of my relatives who live in Petchaburi, one and a half hour drive from Bangkok.

Their doggie
named "Fried pork" (in Thai)

My aunt Lek is one of my momma's
three older sisters


My uncle showing an old photo

Me at 11, my kid sister was 6 + P'Pum and my other cousin
who's currently studying law at my momma's old
university in Bangkok

My aunt Lek is working as an English teacher
and my uncle is a police officer

Thai kids love wearing colored contact lenses these days
I think it makes you look like an alien

My mom and aunt Lek are so similar

Going out for a spin

Stopping by the Khanom Bua Loy shop for a treat

Preparing the Thai dessert

Yes, I take photos with both of my eyes wide open
It works for me

Warming up coconut milk sweetened with
sugar cane and palm sugar

Shredded coconut, small rice balls in various colors etc.

Even my cousin thinks my forhead is too big
and takes the liberty of chopping it off
- it's a conspiracy!

Thai dessert called
"Khanom Bua Loy"
Rice balls in sweetened coconut milk
with a poached egg
(and other stuff)

My aunt,
unlike my mother,
does not care for having her picture taken

But what can I expect,
when not having seen my relatives in
nearly three year

Most people in my life
have grown acustomed
to the camera permanently
glued to my face

So many hard workin' kids in Thailand
Helping their parents
run 'the business'


Hoshifune said...

Wahh, kusina di er så pen!
Og elsker bildene av unger, som vanlig^^ Nordmannen i meg blir slitt sånn, "gyah, barnearbeid!" men digger bildene for det.

Anonymous said...

I never leave any comment (but I visit your blog everytime there's a new article), but I had to say that your aunt is the spitting image of her sister. Atfirst I thought your mom came to BKK to pay you a visit!

I was wondering, is it okay to visit BKK even though you don't speak aword of thai? I'm okay with French, English, Spanish and Japanese but I suck at other languages and I really wanted to spend a month in Thailand...

BTW, Happy New Year!