Monday, August 1, 2011

Acrobatics, Durian & the Olympic Village

Hi, there.

On Wednesday the university sent the herd of sheep, also known as the Norwegian students to see an acrobatics show, which was pretty neat.

My classmate Anne
(and my thighs in the bottom corner)

She's brought her husband
and two sons
(a three-year-old and a six-month-old)
to Beijing for this semester
at Peking University,
which has been a dream of hers

I can barely hold my head above water,
and I don't even have two kids to take care of
- in addtion to the demanding classes
and tons of homework

I don't know how she does it

She's superhuman
and an inspiration

Silje showing the teacher
her impressive rubrics skills
during break


On Friday our speaking partner Zhou introduced Lars-Jørgen to the smelly fruit Durian.


Later the same afternoon she was heading back to her hometown
near Sichuan to visit her parents
- she is so sweet and worried that she wouldn't get to
see us for the next two weeks, and said that she's miss us

Zhou, Lars, Jørgen and I - one big happy family! (?)

The Durian fruit was not a big hit
among the palefaces

But we had bad luck with the durian - it was very bitter
I hope you give the fruit another chance, guys!

Creepy cafeteria guy (lady?)
at school

I want to snuggle a plump Asian baby

On Saturday I went to the Olympic village from the games in Beijing in 2008, mostly because I felt obliged to do something productive during the weekend, considering that most of the time is spent downing frozen margaritas and keeping guys at bay while sweating it out on the dancefloor.

Well, the visit was short and sweet, as I got off at a subway station at one end of the park and spent 20 minutes walking through it to the other end to the next subway station, and then went back home.

I make a lousy tourist.

Mmm, mistery meat!

Enjoying a piece of melon on a stick

The bird's nest

This is the guy you pay to hug your kids


Lotte said...

OMG forget the cantina man! The Minnie Mouse man gives me the creeps:S

Marie said...

Er veldig glad for at du blogger fra Kina! Ser så fint ut ..Har veldig lyst dit!

Hak' said...

The Minnie Mouse guy is definitely creepy.

Even with his disguise he smells like trouble brrr

.;*Miina*;. said...

åååh den babyen var jo sykt søt da! jeg SKAL ha en slik en!

acrobatics show er awesome. Skulle likt å se det igjen :)

Michael said...

Damn. Heldig som er i China. Nyt tida der ! Pass på at du får opplevd mye til tross for krevende studier og hektisk studiehverdag !