Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hanging Out in Sanlitun

Ingeborg, Klara and I

Yesterday Lotte and I went with our neighbors and Norwegian classmates Klara and Ingeborg to a part of town called Sanlitun, to have a look around.

Too bad I didn't get pretty until I was too old to model
- look at those posing skills! Admirable

Ingeborg had a close encounter with the pavement earlier this week,
being in a minor accident on her skateboard.

Mmm, dog stew

The first week in Beijing we sat in the park outside our building
together with the real estate agent waiting for our landlord
A bunch of people were out with their dogs,
I made sure to point to one of them and ask the real estate agent deliberately like a stupid tourist
"That one, delicious?"
And he looked at me and terrified waved his hand "No!!"
And then I laughed an evil laugh.
(Mind you, he'd already spent a few hours with me
that very same day and knew I was kidding)

But seriously,
when in Rome, ehr China

I'll eat anything as long as it's food, tastes good and doesn't get me sick

But I doubt that I'll come across dog meat being sold
here in Beijing, anyway
- at least not on my path

Besides, due to the one-child policy in China,
people have dogs instead and treat them as their kids
I doubt they'd eat them

In the middle of all of the fancy shops and buildings there were a big water fountain thing where a lot of kids were playing

Admiring the fountain

Coming over for a snuggle


Dag said...

Love your pictures Kine <3

.;*Miina*;. said...

De solgte hundekjøtt på kantina mi i Beijing. så det burde ikke være så vanskelig å komme over et sted der de selger det.
Jeg fikk aldri prøvd det da

Marie said...

Så fine bilder! Liker godt hvordan du får uttrykkene til unger! :D