Sunday, August 14, 2011

Acrylics & The Road to School



The other day I went to the nearby mall to accompany Lotte as she got acrylics for the first time.

Lotte said it felt like slowly getting your finger
jammed by the door

A completely random and highly uninteresting video in NORWEGIAN, you request? Why, here you go!

Following is a few photos from my way to school. They show I can take pictures just for the sake of documenting something too. They're butt ugly.

The baozi-lady

My thigh, my bike, my bag and my baozis.

The campus is enourmous
and I'm very glad I have a bike

Our classroom is in the building to the right

Some guy doing his morning excerise
in the parking lot

The cat we've named 乌龟

The desks are so low,
I can't sit straight with my legs in front of me
Or it will be balancing in my lap

Dragon fruit for breakfast

Green tea

And veggie baozis


A rope dangling in front of my bedroom window
- I live on the 17th floor

A guy painting

The End

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Anonymous said...

HAHA! Jeg savner deg! Og gleder meg til å se deg igjen! Og jeg likte vidoen. Så lag gjerne flere non contant videos!
Det liker vi!