Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Final Supper & Going Home

Sad about going home?
Ich don't think so! 

On Saturday Lotte and I had a farewell dinner together with two Japanese friends, Ayano and Natsuki.

It's been a great semester in Beijing, but I suspect that those of my fellow Norwegian class mates who are single and unloved have enjoyed it a bit more. Lotte and I have both been counting the days until we could return to our loved ones. Still that doesn't mean we haven't enjoyed our time in China!

School has, as mentioned, been hard and demanding, but at least I feel that I've got my money's (and time's) worth.

As a Norwegian student in China you're rich, so we've enjoyed a fairly "luxurious" lifestyle, living in a nice apartment and being able to go out whenever we had the time.

But now it's finally time to go home!

At my favourite restaurant in Beijing
- a Thai all-you-can-eat-and-drink-for-48-kuai joint 


Goodbye, Chinese beer!
(It's QINGDAO, not tsingtao, argh Wade Giles..)


 Thailandsk tress-is, haha
- strawberry, pineapple and taro

Ueh, taro flavoured ice cream

Being at the Thai restaurant
was like being at my mom's house:
all decoration for every kind of festivity
out at all time during the entire year 

Yum, yum, YUM
- LOVE this restaurant!
Awesome Tom Yum Goong, Som Tam and Green Curry!
I could eat here every day! 

The Thai chef and I
- he's been living in China for the past six years 

No wonder I get mistaken for a ladyboy whenever I'm in Thailand
God, I'm more manly than Thai men are 

Early Sunday morning Lotte and I were super hyped about going home!

So, at 8 am our sweet landlord arrived, we returned our keys, said our goodbyes and went to the airport.

Lol, we arrived at the airport five and a half hours before our scheduled flight.

But the time flew and suddenly we were boarding.

However, despite everything having gone so smoothly, something was wrong with the aircraft and we had to wait onboard for two hours before we could take off.

And then awaited 9 slow hours before we got to Stockholm.

Both Lotte and I were being slowly driven mad after a while.

And let me tell you, the food they serve at Air China, suck, suck, SUCK!!

I was so hungry and the first meal we got after almost waiting for four hours was pretty disgusting - the "side dish" even suspiciously reminded of cat food (though I don't think most cat owners would even serve that to their cat), I even gagged a little. And I eat everything.

But I was so hungry, I wolfed most of it down.

Then, for our final "meal" almost four hours later we got some super dry "sandwich" and I was like "this cheese doesn't taste of anything" *Eats the entire thing*, and then Lotte was like "that's not cheese, it's ham!" - I mean, when it's next to impossible to distinguish cheese from ham, then it must suck.

Luckily we were given some crackers and some cream cheese, which we apparently were supposed to spread on using a spoon, so we survived.

Still, the worst food I've had since leaving Norway six months ago.

Goodbye China!

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