Monday, December 19, 2011

Last Day at School in Beijing

A couple of days left in Beijing,
suitcase already packed 

Last Friday we had our last day at school.

 The class with smart Norwegians who get the competent Yuedu-teacher..

 .. and the rest of us
Who seemingly wound up with the sparable 24-year-old secretary working
at the administration office

Nah, I'm sure she's a completely competent
language teacher,
just not very good at showing it

For our final exam in Yuedu class, she was so worried about saving her own face, considering she thinks we're the most stupid students ever, that she gave us the test beforehand. Yeah.

We had the final exam when it was a little over a week left of the semester, so she desperately tried to find something to fill the rest of the time. It felt just like being back in junior high shool when you spend the final week doing your own kind of chosen project, and you have to give a presentation at the end.

Yuedu is a reading class. A class where you're supposed to read challenging texts, and figure out how to get a basic understanding of it, without necessarily knowing every character or vocabulary.

So when she presented this "project" and pointed out how important the powerpoint presentation was - "lots of pictures, your fellow students won't understand what you're talking about, anyway.." - I felt the urge to boycott the entire thing.

But when she threatened to not give me any end grade, despite the fact that I had participated at all, and aced two out of three previous exams in that class, and despite the fact that the end grade technically had already been set, I didn't have any other choice than to give the lady what she wanted.

So, as mentioned in the last blog post, I adapted my qualification essay for the next semester, and just presented that instead, and added some stupid photos from google so that she'd get her powerpoint presentation.

I was the last one in our class to give a presentation, on the final day even, due to my stubbornness.

Getting ready to give the presentation
.. haven't started yet. I don't give presentations
with my arms crossed, duh
 The three photos above belongs to Lotte

I taped my self practising the "speech" that morning before going to school, so for the next blogpost I'll add a video of that, together with the speech and a translation of it. It's a pretty good speech, 'cause I'm fairly smart.

Then we received our diplomas and suddenly the semester at Beijing University was over.


After the final class was over, Lotte and I walked around on campus and took some photos.

It was SO freaking cold!!

Then, we found some cats

.. tried to get some heat from 'em

"You're a handsome cat"

"What are you talking about, my girlfriend's right here, 
you'll get me into trouble!"

"What did she say?"
- "Uhm, nothing, give me a kiss baby"

Cute girl wanting
to pet the cats, but being a
yittle scared.. 

At the big lake at school, crazy people were stepping out on the ice, even though most of the lake hadn't even frozen. I know what I said about helping people in need, but if you go through the ice, you're on your own!

Remember the first day Lotte and I went to check out the campus when we first arrived back in July?
I took these couple of photos of some guys working on a big building at school:

Well, it finished weeks ago. It's really crazy how fast stuff get built in this city. I guess it's no wonder when there's so many people arriving from rural areas, desperate for a job and willing to work 24/7.

 Oh, I'm going to miss Xiabu xiabu!

At this joint you get a pot of soup of your choice in front of you, and then you order a bunch of vegetables and some meat and boil it yourself. Truly a great treat after being out in the icy, windy Beijing cold!


Elisabeth said...

I have been enjoying your journey over the last months. It has been very amusing as the photos and texts compliment each other wonderfully!

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