Friday, December 23, 2011

Seeing Mom and Getting My Junk Back

the 14-year-old

Vidar and I went to my godforsaken hometown today, to see my mom and kid sister, and to get some of my stuff that I've kept stored at my mom's house while living in China.
the 17-year-old
together with
the grumpy 14-year-old 

 Me, sister, mom, cat

Mom has a lot of stuff growing in the living room window
Chili, mint and aloe vera - oh my!

taking a breather from all the crazy women 



Mom-Christmas rice cream with 
strawberry/currant sauce

My sister's hair is so long
I can't help but wanting to comb
and braid it 

Enormous persimmon

Cheezy self-playing-music-Christmas-lighting 

.. wanting to come back in,
but doesn't get any attention

 .. starts yelling
Kid sister on the phone with boyfriend,
mother a little bit too clingy 

Getting some of my stuff back was like going shopping! And like seeing old friends, especially my makeup and nail polishes.

75 bottles of nail polish on the ground..

Vidar's best friend Jakob,
 tempted to nick one of the sparkly ones 

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