Monday, January 2, 2012

Celebrating on New Year's Eve 2011

Wearing the necklace
I got from the party game
at Anette's

New year's eve I spent with a few close friends at Dag's house.

Waldorf salad..

.. to go with the turkey!


Vidar's best friend,

My good friend,

Then "Japaner'n" arrived
- Asaki

Asaki has spent several months
working on a Japanese guide book on Scandinavian big cities,
doing research for the part about Oslo,
and could finally show off the fruits
of her labor; Dag even contributed with
a few photos for the book

Wictoria showing how Norwegians
are crazy about barbecuing in the parks
in the summer

*Sigh* I know some of the next photos will cause my mom to worry, since she herself does not consume alcohol and insist that it doesn't take more than just smelling a glass of alcohol-containing beverage to get you drunk and stupid.

I'm a very responsible drinker, ma!

Hei, mamma!

Hei, mamma!

And for desert:
chocolate fondant with 
vanilla ice cream
and berries!

A few minutes before midnight we went up on the roof:

Japaner'n was given something sparking with fire,
so she was kept entertained for a several minutes

.. who am I kidding,
we were all kept entertained for several minutes

After welcoming the new year we went back in and drank even more responsibly.

And then Vidar and I walked hand-in-hand for one hour in the snow and got home by 4 am.

Happy New Year!


Marie said...

Så gøy! Og kult med den guideboken, den så skikkelig fin ut!
Godt nyttår!

Asaki Abumi/鐙 麻樹 said...


X. said...

Fin fint! :)

...Sjokoladefondant.. Sikle. Thomas lage sånn i morgen. Sikle.