Monday, January 30, 2012

Trip to London

The past few weeks I've been studying for my much dreaded oral exam that I have on Friday. I even had a small melt-down yesterday - even though I'm pretty well prepared, and will be even better prepared by the time I actually have the exam.

But sometimes I get a bit overwhelmed, by the fact that all my hard work and effort throughout these past six months will be judged based on how I perform during an 15 minute oral exam. Six months away from home, away from my job and everyone I love - and the grades I got from Beijing University don't count for anything, other than that I passed - and now hundreds and hundreds of hours diligently studying is supposed to boil down into a 15-minute performance.  

Oh, the pressure. 

So then I cry.

And then I pick myself up and try to put everything in perspective, and even write myself a little note that I keep in my pocket at all times, basically saying that everything is going to be alright.

I'm smart and I've studied hard, still it doesn't mean I'm spared for a few pre-exam anxiety attacks now and then, haha!

(And any attempt to consolement I easily consider as patronizing, unless YOU've studied Chinese yourself - and are familiar with the horrendous curriculum I'm being tested in)


A couple of weeks ago Dag and I went to London to shop for makeup.

Dag, especially, loves shopping for makeup, as you can imagine. 

And buy outrageously expensive food at the airport in Oslo. 

I'm telling you, the prices in Norway make me embarrassed to be Norwegian and thinking that we even have tourists coming over here... Poor people. This baguette cost the same as a week's worth of groceries in China.

I remember the first time I met my speaking partner, Zhou, in Beijing, she was talking about how she wanted to study abroad in either the US and Norway, and I was like "don't come to Norway, it's too expensive!!", and I immediately got the feeling that one of my fellow Norwegian classmate that heard me saying it thought I was being rude. But I think it would have been even more rude not to warn her - considering that a bottle of water at 7/11 in Norway cost as much as four meals at the campus cafeteria at Beijing University. I almost feel ashamed. I feel bad for the Chinese students in Norway.

.. escaping a world of snow and ice..


I've never been to England, so I was pretty excited.

Unfortunately I make a lousy tourist, practically uninterested in seeing any touristy sites.

I was there to shop for cosmetics!!

Spent way too many of these..

I was looking forward to get my hands on some cosmetic brands that we don't have in Norway, like Urban Decay and Too Faced - sure, I can buy it online, but it's much more fun to get my hands dirty, which I literally did, constantly having the back of my hands covered in swatches throughout the stay.

And they've got a Mac Pro store in London as well! That I didn't knew, and it was a big treat, since I got to buy a few items that they only sell at the Pro stores (- and I'm talking about Mac Cosmetics - not, Mac as in 'Apple', hello)

We stayed at a nice hotel with a bath tub! Hallelujah! So we went to Lush to stock up on bath bombs and bath melts, and-bath-whatever-they-had-that-I've-always-wanted-to-try-but-I-don't-have-a-bath-tub-stuff.

God, I wish I had a bath tub

At some fancy Indian place

I don't know this lady

Omg! Metallic-bronze colored
Ferrero Rocher pie thing!

Dag bought a couple of cupcakes, 
but we didn't have time
to eat them before we got on the plane heading home,
and they'd been in his bag the entire day, lol

I bought so much stuff at Lush.

I'm a sucker for products and cosmetics in general, and you'll be able to sell me anything - just throw it at me, my arms are wide open!

I've fallen in love with this scrub
from Lush,
luckily we have Lush shops in Norway as well
- even though it's a lot cheaper in the UK!

I hate my new camera.

I don't enjoy taking photos anymore.

So I don't.

My idiot proof Nikon D60 died a couple of weeks before leaving Beijing, and I got a new one, D5100, which also is supposed to be for idiots. Seemingly I'm too much of an idiot, because I can't seem to just switch it on, set it on idiot-mode and immediately be able to take photos that I'm happy with.

In England I even had a dream that I was so depressed that I wasn't able to use my new camera and that I cried - I even think I cried a little IRL while dreaming.

I don't want to learn any technical stuff! I hate technical stuff! I just want to take nice photos. Bah


Chloe Martin said...

Great pictures! I guess you had a nice trip.

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kakemonster said...

Jeg vil ha bilder av sminke!!!

- klem fra Lilly