Friday, January 6, 2012

Making Mozartkugeln

Dag and I figured we hadn't been binging enough during the Christmas holiday, so today we made our own Mozartkugeln.

Shaving the marzipan into thin layers 
with a potato peeler 

Soft nougat cut into small pieces

Wrapping pieces of nougat 
in sheets of marzipan

.. rolling them into balls
- gotta work fast before it all melts in your hands
and start to get messy!

BTW; Dag is single and looking.
He's a bit short (next to me, anyway), 
but aside from that I'd totally vouch for him! 

*Pretending to help out*

Sprinkled with Dag's "secret ingredient"

The finished product:


The chocolate balls are still chillin' in Dag's fridge (*mozartkugeln, mozartkugeln, mozartkugeln!* - I love saying it with an exaggerated German accent!).