Monday, July 23, 2012

Product review: Lush's Emotional Brilliance

I am completely obsessed with Lush Cosmetics, I almost want to work in their store. 

Imagine to get to sell products that you love and really believe in! That would be so awesome. 

Lush have just launched their new (and first?) makeup line, Emotional Brilliance. I got invited to the pre-launch for bloggers, but I had to work so I couldn't make it. A few days later I stopped by to grope and fondle their new products.

As a means to draw attention to their new makeup line, Lush has come up with this silly "game" where you're supposed to randomly pick out three colors from the wheel that 'speaks to you' at that exact moment, and they correspond with products of that color from the new line. And then the person working at Lush will make a big deal out of it, giving you a so-called "color-reading", as all of the colors have their own name like "decisive" and "bubbly".

Lol. Mumbo-jumbo. 

But I understand that it is a gimmick to attract attention to their new line - but my impression is that the quality and the uniqueness of products themselves don't need to be compromised by some gimmicky marketing stunt, but hey.

If I worked at Lush I would be very tempted to say "Screw the silly game, I'll sell you the products because they're actually really great products, I don't need to pretend I'm some kind of fortune teller reading your soul to convince you to buy them!" - and maybe that's why I don't work there, I'd be too tempted to do what feels right to me. And pretending to be a color therapist sure ain't it! 

'Randomly' choosing a color, you say?

Lush, your costumers who are 
genuinely interested in makeup will never 'randomly'
choose a color, 
when they know it'll wind up being the 
color they are going to put on their face!

(Great way to get the interest of costumers who 
know nothing about makeup but love mumbo-jumbo, though)

There where so many people there,
I feel I didn't get to play with the products enough
- I haven't even tried the cream eyeshadows or the mascara
I need to go back!

All of the products have the same packaging
- liquid eyeliner, liquid lipstick, eyeshadows and mascara all the same:
in bottles that look like nail polish - I bet the staff at Lush will get so tired of
getting that comment all day long

I decided not to "play" the (stupid) "game" and just choose the colors I wanted directly from the shelves.

"Bubbly", a liquid lipstick
"Motivation", a liquid eyeliner
"Believe" (to the far right), liquid lipstick 

a liquid lipstick
- so far I've only used it as a liquid blush,
and it works great!

At 179 NOK per bottle, naturally it's expensive compared to
drug store brands

A small dab of Believe
- if you were to use the wand to apply it fully,
you'd probably look like a clown

- However Lush products are usually well worth the price!
Good quality and great products

I think they still have work to do on their packaging, though
The wand that is attached to the lid of the bottle seems
really flimsy and sometime soon
I will be opening it to find that it has come loose
and is stuck inside the bottle!

The liquid lipsticks that I've tried out are
really pigmented (a little goes a LONG way) and great
staying power

- just what I can imagine OCC's lip tars to be, 
without actually having tried any of them before
(comparing products with never-tried products,
oh, that's how you can tell it's a great review)

Very impressed with these, also considering that they are multi-purpose,
also working great as blush

Not very impressed with the liquid eyeliner
as it easily feathers and glides out

Maybe it'll work better as a smudged eyeliner or
an eyeshadow base

I want more liquid lipsticks!

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Heather said...

wow. u are beautiful

Eddie said...

Love your attitude:
'If I worked at Lush I would be very tempted to say "Screw the silly game, I'll sell you the products because they're actually really great products, I don't need to pretend I'm some kind of fortune teller reading your soul to convince you to buy them!"'

Really made me laugh. I would be the same. Over egging the 'spritualism' isn't something I'd be good at.

They look like brilliant products and it's nice to see what some of the colours look like on skin.

I don't think I'd randomly choose a colour either generally, but as a trainee make-up artist maybe if I wanted some inspiration I may just pick at random to see what to do with it.

Shelnmum said...

Hi Kine
I laughed out loud when I read this post! Great blog by the way! :)
I had the same thinking when I went to my local Lush store o check out the new makeup range and the Sales girl asked me to close my eyes and choose 3 colours but I told her those may not be the colours that I like! Anyway I went ahead and purchased 3 liquid lipsticks & 3 liquid liners and the mascara without playing the game. And I am sure those would be the colours that I would wear :)

snappish_mel said...

Hjemme med febersyk Noah så stalker bloggen din litt. Må ta meg en tur til Lush ser jeg.

Sjekk ut bloggen min ;-)