Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Product Review: Sleek Makeup Pout Paint

I feel like I've been nagging for ages about the OCC lip tars.

However, they are fairly expensive (16 bucks a pop - I guess that's not expensive per se, but you know) - not to mention non-accessible in Norway. With such a large range of colors (40 shades - neither of them of grey, though) and none of them really standing out as a must have shade, at least I want to be able to fiddle and grope them (*swatchy-swatchy!*) in person before committing into buying any of them.

I got pretty excited a few weeks ago when I came across Sleek Makeup's pout paints online.

After a little research I soon got the impression that Sleek Makeup's pout paints are some of OCC lip tars most fierce competition on the market right now, being a much cheaper alternative ($6.49). Mind you, with only 11 shades to choose from, the color variety is significantly less extensive compared to the OCC lip tars.

But, hey-ho. After a quick consult with the currency calculator I figured out that I could get five shades + shipping for under the magical limit of 200 NOK to avoid having to pay VAT.

I wasn't too interested in getting the most wearable shades - I wanted to play around with them!

From the left: Pin Up, Peek-A-Bloo, Mauve Over, 
Cloud 9 and Peechy Keen

Sleek Makeup's Pout Paints are liquid lipsticks in a variety of colors that you can wear on their own, but they also work great for mixing.

And if you know a thing or two about color theory, you'd be able to create any color your heart desires.

Unfortunately, I don't.

I know that when mixing blue and yellow, you get green, but that's pretty much it.


But you know, I just wanted to get my hands on them, squirt them around and schmear it on.

Unless you are a makeup enthusiast (read: a hoarder), I don't think this product is for you.

I mean, wearing one of the paint pouts for an entire day, I imagine to be like getting a glimpse of being in a relationship with a very high maintenance girlfriend boyfriend. 

First of all, you will be needing a lip brush.

As you can tell, the packaging is indicating already that it's not meant to be applied straight from the tube onto the lips.

And don't even think about using a finger to rub it on! (Unless you're dabbing it on lightly just to get a tint, and then put, like, a clear gloss over - then I think you'll be out of the woods)

A little goes a long way, as it's very pigmented - like paint! This product demands you pull out all of your gear for precision work: a brush for application, a steady hand, a mirror, time and patience.

Definitely not something to throw into your bag as you head out the door. Please notice! I haven't tried any of the muted shades, though - they're probably more forgivable.

The pout paints have a faint smell 
(and taste) of bubble gum, 
which slightly tickled my gag reflexes
the first time I put it on my lips
- but then I kind of got over it 

 I'll probably get more joy from these
during the summertime
- bright colors just don't feel as right
during wintertime
Sad, but true

 Wearing the two mixes I made

Vidar's lips are even more plump than mine
- Imagine slapping some pout 
paint on those! 

I can hardly imagine that Peek-A-Bloo 
is meant to be worn on it's own
- but I'm contemplating wearing it next time 
I'm running
to the local supermarket to buy milk
- unwashed hair, no makeup except for the blue lips
and sweatpants  

You use it to create darker shades!

"Pin Up"

The pout paints certainly live up to their name: their paint-like formula makes it "easy" (with a steady hand and a lip brush) to create a pout, by extending the application of the product over your natural lip line.

This reminds me of

 Thank you, google

NikkieTutorials on youtube has a great quick-tip video on how you can do this (I didn't do this trick):

Sleek Makeup's Pout Paints are cheap and fun to play with (and fun for photoshoots!), however they are not very user friendly in everyday life.

This product will be GREAT if you're trying to loose weight (note: in an unhealthy way): if you want it to last a while without reapplying, you can't eat or drink for that period - or you'll probably wind up looking like you've just eaten spaghetti (depending on which shade you're wearing, of course).

And you'll probably come off as cold, distant, bitchy and what have you, considering that when you open your mouth or, God forbid, smile - you can easily look like a clown!

And you will get it on you're teeth. So close your mouth and look moody!


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