Sunday, June 9, 2013

Stealing from the Rich

 Soft kitty, warm kitty..

 Oven baked fresh cod,
steamed asparagus beans,
mashed sweet potato,
soy sauce and butter sauce with
fresh garlic and chilies

 Vidar finds it a bit annoying that
I need to photograph our dinner
for ages...

.. he's not the only one:

 *Ohh, fish*

Today Vidar and I went on a field trip with my mom and sister to gather some free dinner:

 We're truly a group of fine women
- especially Veronika eating her carrot
and mom with her banana

 I need to schmear on some fake tan pronto

 Our journey took us
through the neighborhoods 
of the fortunate and wealthy

 .. little did they know about our plan...

Then we went home to mom to prepare our catch of the day:

 Making a fire - Thai style
Mom sure should know how to
- considering that's how they prepared all
their food when she grew up

Then mom sent Veronika to the top of a big mountain to gather chives for our food:



.. and mint!

.. for the dipping sauce:

 So freakishly delicious with any kind of sea food:
fresh chilies, garlic, mint, lime juice
fish sauce, vinegar


 Veronika grating carrots
and beetroot for the
makeshift som tam salad

 Mom's Thai in Norway version of som tam,
with carrot, beetroot, tomatoes, asparagus beans
chili, garlic, fish sauce, lime juice etc.

And then - spoon in mouth - heaven suddenly opened and it started pouring cats and dogs.

So we had to move the party inside:

 .. like, literally

And then we all took a nap:

The End.

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