Monday, July 8, 2013

In Thailand!


For those of you who don't follow me on Instagram (@noiamnotaladyboy): we're in Thailand!

As you may know, I am half Thai and I've also lived in Bangkok for a while.

Vidar, on the other hand, has never been to Thailand: and after nearing four years together with a semi-Thai girlfriend, it sure was about time to make a trip!

We arrived a few days ago

 Riding a death trap

 Exhausted after a ten-hour flight
without any sleep,
in addition to jet lag

 Our friend, coffee

The first night we had booked a room, which turned out to be a suite, at a fancy 5-star hotel, for only 500 NOK (around 80 bucks).

 Totally unnecessary with this much space for only
us two people,
but oh well

As for dinner the first evening in Thailand, naturally we went to Korea town.

 Vidar, not sure what to expect..



And then:


 Fancy hotel breakfast buffet

 Mix your own juice
by blending freshly squeezed
cucumber, celery, ginger,
carrots etc.

And then we left Bangkok to spend a few days in Hua Hin:

There we met up with one of the locals:

 He-ey, raise the roof, woop-woop!

Then we followed her around for a little while:


 Mom sneaking in on one of my
many, many, many

Thai people sure are petite
- but they're hard workin'!

MOM, what's up with wearing jeans to the beach?



Then we left mom at the beach, and later she went back home. To Norway that is.

 More death trap-riding

 I love MK restaurants!
Thai-style suki: hot pot of fresh
meats and vegetables!


Today's dinner was served at:



We're staying in Hua Hin until Wednesday, as I still have some business to take care of. But then we're headed back to my beloved Bangkok!

Stay tuned!

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