Friday, July 19, 2013

Playing House

For our last days in Thailand, we went back to Bangkok. I love Bangkok, and if it was up to me, I'd stay there for the entire time.

 Riding a van from Hua Hin to Bangkok


 Eat and drink. Drink and eat. Eat, eat, eat

We also went to Rayong to visit my old classmate, Peter, whom I went to school with at the Thai language school I went to for a year in Bangkok.

 Peter's home, also known as "The Cube"

Peter and his boy, T.T.

 A nut from a rubber tree

 Vidar making himself useful

 A yittle pineapple left in the fruit orchard
- recently all of the crops had been harvested 
They grow fruit like mangosteen, rambutan,
durian and pineapples

 Have I mentioned how allergic I am to mosquito bites?
This is a couple of minutes after getting
bitten, not having touched the bite!


 Vidar said I looked like a unicorn

OMG, what a happy baby

 Yum. Thai baby

No wonder T.T. was too excited to go to bed that night,
having Vidar and I being a part of his bed time rutine

Then we went back to Bangkok and spent our last days in Thailand eating, drinking and going to go-go bars.

And then we had to go home.

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