Friday, July 19, 2013

Something Touristy & Visiting Thai Relatives

I make a terrible tourist.

I'm lazy.

While still in Hua Hin I felt we needed to do something touristy.

And so we did.

 Vidar, the tourist
Squinting and
carrying my bag

 Thailand, the land where
trees with real leaves of gold

 "The Lord"

- lots of creative ways to collect money"
 Throwing coins inside the elephants mouth

Then we went on a hike.

 It was wet and slippery, and pretty steep. Sometimes a bit scary.

Then in the evening on our final day in Hua Hin, Vidar and I caught a death-trap, also known as a Tuk-Tuk, to visit my Aunt Loay.

I guess you can say that she is my grandmother, considering that she was married to my grandfather for 28 years before he passed away four years ago.

 The house known to me
as my grandfather's house
- and the house where my mom lived
for most of her childhood


 Me at around 4-5 years old together with
my grandfather and my three cousins 

 Guess who's the half Caucasian one!
 My grandfather visited us in Norway for a couple
of weeks in the mid 90's
Veronika is in the stroller,
while I look a little like an
effeminate boy

And after the mosquitoes had had their fair share of my blood we went back to the hotel.

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