Wednesday, June 30, 2010

'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' Pre-Premiere at Akershus Fort

I spy

Yesterday we had tickets for the outdoor pre-premiere of the latest Twilight movie. Earlier in the evening we gathered at Karoline's crib to eat and have a Twilight marathon.

Simen & Karoline



'Very' greasy, but good

A massage for the effort

It wasn't me!


Ugh, belly full of pizza

Then we had to get going to Akerhus fort in Oslo where the screening was being held.

Karoline's boyfriend was very excited
about seeing Twilight
Karoline didn't have to beg him to stay
'at all'

Red carpet and no celebrities
Who's that chick?
I don't know

The doors opened at 9.30 and the movie started at 00.10 a.m and lasted until 2 in the morning. We managed to get pretty good seats.

What''s going on here?

Ahh, look at that
All of the young and hopeful tweens
getting their makeup done

Then, one of the guys from the movie showed up. Hoo haa.

Stop looking at me

If you're going to continue
looking at me like that
At least you gotta
show some skin


Hail to objectifying men.

The movie was pretty good, and I had a fun time.

The end


Anonymous said...

Ohohoho! Vi må gjøre noe snart igjen!! LEKTER'N neste :D

Silje Meum said...


han var heit

rett og slett

Silje Meum said...

and by the way I'd like to see more of that damn drawing!