Friday, October 29, 2010

A Macrell and One Grumpy ol' Cat

Snug (and smug?) as a bug
together with one mom, one BF and one big ol' grumpy cat
in a two-seat sofa

Today I returned to the godforsaken place where I grew up to pay my mom a visit.

But first,

a few photos from school today:


Chinese studies demands hard work

and strong focus
(if you were wondering)

starring as
Little Red Riding Hood

My new shoes!
They're just like wearing sneakers,
I swear

After school I dragged one (un)willing boyfriend to the train station to catch a train to nowhere.

Some kids performing
at the station

as enthusiastic as he always is
when we're going to see
my mom

First thing when we arrived at my childhood home I grabbed my grumpy ol' cat, 13-year-old Snøball, for a snuggle.

Unfortunately he's not my biggest fan.

Maybe it's because I can't resist cradling him like a baby every time I see him.

Heavy petting
(.. hardy har har)

Momma making food

Then she sent me out to fetch some fresh wild mint from the garden:

While she was bonding with the..

Snøball (Snowball)

Look at my arms
They were the size of my mom's fingers

I was two months premature. Snooze!

I like to think of it as a favour to my mom, because if I'd been cooking any longer..

check the size of that head!


Anyway, do you need a reminder of the current ratio? (Both the size of newborn daughter vs. present one, and head vs. rest of the body-proportion)

You're welcome.

My mom lives by herself
How many tooth brushes does she need?

Mom has been decorating for Halloween..

.. and Christmas?

Who am I kidding.

In my momma's house all of the decoration is left out all year long.

It's so cold
Mom sits inside with her winter coat on

When it was time to go home my mom made sure to maintain the awesome impression she has on Vidar - by pulling a lay-down-in-protest stunt.

Poor thing.

Have you paid your momma a visit lately?

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