Saturday, October 16, 2010

Birthday Girl

Have you been missing me?

Yeah, yeah, I'm busy.

On Wednesday the 13th I turned 22.

The day was spent in grand style at the studyhall, trying to write something clever about internet censorship in China and how the Chinese government argue that the censorship is legitimate and not in conflict with human rights.


Dag's birthday is the 14th of October, and yesterday he hosted a proper birthday salsafiesta!

Look at Vidar
So shy, tsk tsk

Birthdayboy (man?) Dag and Emma from England

Stepford wife Kine

Vidar and I made sure to show up early
- more free booze!

.. though it came with a price

Sex sells, right?

Demure Camilla

Caterer and friend Wolfgang introducing the
fantastic food

Camilla and Sirild
ready to dig in

Dag's roommate

Wolfgang preparing dessert

Change of attire

Delicious cup cakes made by Emma

What in the world are they talking about

Great success!

1 comment:

Oda said...

omg! Vi er nøyaktig like gamle, jeg ble også 22 på den trettende. Grattis med dagen! Fant bloggen din via Inger, er god venn av henne og Cat og sånt. Du tar fine bilder. :)