Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Final Day of the Year - Celebrating New Year's Eve in BKK

I'm in nail polish heaven!

Blah, I've been so lazy about blogging these past few days.

The truth is, there hasn't been anything motivating me to blog - there's no culture shock! No annoyances! Well, that's not true, but I'm used to it, I'm used to Thailand, Thai people and Bangkok. I guess that doesn't do much for the blogging part.

Lately I've been tanning, eating and partying with friends (the latter part causing grief to my mom).

(Not my photos:)

Babe and I

Me and May

Anyway, on the last day of the year 2010 I..


went to a Yakiniku (Japanese barbecue) restaurant with some friends

As much beer as you want for 199 baht (ca. 40 NOK)
Hi, mom!

Looktan and I

I love cute Asian babies

.. the feeling is not mutual

Why girls go to the bathroom together:

To take stupid photos of each other, obviously.

After dinner we went to RCA, a place in Bangkok where many big night clubs are gathered. They had set up a big gig outside, with lots of people eager to welcome the new year.


I was so sick yesterday (new year's eve).

In Thailand it often is freezing inside due to the overkill use of air conditioning, especially inside malls, skytrain etc., while it is really hot outside. So yesterday I finally got a heavy cold and a fever, but popped a pill and suppressed it all evening, until 11.53 at RCA, when I finally had to throw in the towel and take a cab home.

So the first minutes of year 2011 I spent chatting with this lovely ol' cab driver, who was driving me home so that I could spend the night in my bed shivering and sweating, and pitying myself.

Today I've been coughing so bad, I'm almost afraid imma crack a rib, despite being a sturdy girl.

I hope I get well soon.

On Monday Anette is arriving, and next week we'll be traveling to Sri Saket, Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai.

Stay tuned!


Marie said...

Godt nyttår!
Bor du i Bangkok nå eller er du bare på ferie? Du har sikkert skrevet det en plass, jeg har sikkert bare ikke fått det med meg.
Pen du er! :)

Hoshifune said...

Håper også du blir frisk snart! Godt nyttår, skal hilse fra Petter og Cat også.

Benedicte said...

Godt nyttår! :D
uff bli frisk fort og kos deg videre!

ciliee said...

Herregud, for noen leggmuskler du har o_o

men ja, håper du er i bedre form (vet du har postet ny blogg, og jeg HAR lest den allerede..)