Thursday, June 9, 2011

School Party & Graduation Ceremony

Yesterday we celebrated having survived the semester.

I was promised a (rose) garden, but due to shitty weather, we wound up under a roof at some parking lot. Summer in Norway!


Yum hot Asian chicks
*bad Kine, BAD - objectifying women like that*

Teacher Wang

Teacher Song..

.. and his meat

Girls comparing their bling
(sadly I've got nout.... ehe)

Our Chinese teachers are
all so hard-working and dedicated


Today I participated at this.. ehr kind of graduation cermony, and I'd invited my momma.

The cermony was at noon, and at 08.13 I woke up, glanced at my phone and saw two missed phone calls from mom and a text message sent at 6.58 saying that she had left her house early in order to beat traffic and was already outside my house, and that she had to pee.

So I hurried home from Vidar's house and let my momma in. Immediately she made herself comfortable.

And she brought breakfast!

Nothing like a little squid in the morning..

Graduation ceremonies in Thailand are a huge deal, and the graduates wear a gown, get a bunch of flowers from familiy and friends, and they will often have a photo shoot with their hair and face all made up, standing under some tree holding their diploma - which they often receive personally from members of the royal family.

My mom received her diploma from the King's eldest sister and has a photo of the moment standing in her living room. She also carries a photo of the day in her wallet. So it's like a big-big deal.

Not so much here in Norway after only completing a bachelor's degree.

Anyway, I slapped on a decent face and off we went.

And my mom liked my lipstick, so I gave it to her
Now I have an excuse to go back to the MAC counter, score

The cermony was short and relatively pain-free.

Lilly and her momma
.. or big sister?

At least no one can accuse me for not looking natural in photos

We got so occupied by taking photos that we almost forgot they were handing out free shit

shaking some remaining roe on to
her plate

Free shit

They were even serving some fancy apple juice
from my home town

Then I handed my camera to Lilly's momma, and requested she'd get a decent shot of us (monkeys)

It wasn't an easy task, I tell ya

That's it.

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