Saturday, August 18, 2012

Starting Over & Toga Party

Walking around blindfolded in the streets of Oslo
- a suitable euphemism for a social worker at work?


A new chapter of my life has started as I, after two good-for-nothing bachelor degrees and four years more or less wasted at the University of Oslo, finally have come to my senses.

It's time to learn a real trade!

I've enrolled at Oslo University College and in three years I'll hopefully be a certified social worker. It feels very right!

I most certainly wouldn't have been nowhere near ready for these type of studies fresh outta high school, but now, with a few more years of travellin', workin', studyin' and life experience behind me, I think I am somewhat ready. Still feeling like an ignorant child in many ways, though! 

I've got a lot of work ahead of me, and I'm very excited. 

Wictoria's instagram photo of me

Currently there's 135 people in my class, and this past week has been spent trying to get to know some of them. A lot of compassionate and intelligent people - but most importantly: good looking!

All week I've been living on the strict all-beer-no-food diet, and it has taken its toll.

No back-to-school without a toga party!

Classmate Mira

Tuva, the host of the pre-party

Pretty girls!

And guy?

Classmate Mia

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