Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thai Dining & Working in Tjøme

To Esther

The other day my good Thai friend Nampueng was hosting a shindig at her place.

(I have yet to capture a decent photo of her, I have to admit)

But she's an awesome cook!

A papaya carved into a small basket
(filled with cherries)

One of the guests (all Thai women, I might add)
had brought fruit that she had carved

Fruit carving is an art form
Thai people take great pride in

Ingredients to help ourselves with some
'ruam mit", 
in this case some grass jelly (black stuff), 
canned jack fruit (yellow stuff),
canned litchies, red beans
and some coconut stuff in the middle,
I don't know what it is

and the green stuff is 'lot chong',
a kind of pretty bland noodle, mostly serving as a 
"pleasant textural element, carrying over only the aroma of
freshly extracted Pandan leaves" bla, bla
- this is not an academic paper (fortunately),
so I don't have to quote correctly, 
'you' google it.

Ruam mit is what I dare to suggest is among top three of the
most popular desserts among Thai people,
it's served with sweetened coconut milk and crushed ice,
and it's very refreshing!
(And a bit nauseating, if you're greedy
and serve yourself three times, like I did)

Half breeds, just like me!
I'm so fascinated

This one was born in Norway, but
went back to Thailand
- she's only been in Norway two months,
and only speak Thai.
Very fascinating

No child is safe when me and
my camera are around

This one is full breed Thai,
with a touch of Chinese

Currently I'm working in a place in Norway called Tjøme, where a lot of Norwegians like to spend their summer, preferably in their own cabin. 

The place where me and my colleagues stay
when we're not at work


Look - poop!

.. no wait, it has a head

Ugh, slugs

*Nom, nom*

On that note, here's some photos of food!

My colleague, Josefine, made
a salad with raspberries and strawberries,
while colleague Trine grilled steaks to
- we might be far away from home,
but at least we get fed well!

assorted fruits with greek yoghurt

Colleague Zayd

And a few times, we even get to eat out!
(and I make sure to get the most expensive item on the menu)

Reindeer fillet with cranberry coulis - 
a fancy word for 'jam'

You can 'so' tell this is not a
 homemade meal form
all of the pretentious twigs and sprigs
scattered around the plate 
*choking hazard* 

Tomorrow my work here is done, and I'm going home - and on Saturday I'm going to Barcelona!


Shelnmum said...

Hi Kine
thanks for this post! :) Have fun in Barcelona! I need a holiday too! :)

Warm regards,

Anonymous said...


Nice to met you ,,, and thank you very much for the great picture of my fruit carving, is a gift to Pee. Nampung at the dinner party... please dd.more on FB: please. and have a great time at Barcelona,( it my town too)