Monday, August 13, 2012

Trip to Barcelona (Part I)

Last week my best friend, Anette, and I went to Barcelona!

We drank, we ate and we went sightseeing like proper tourists. 

Random people



Pitstop at a watering hole

I'm obsessed with margaritas,
and the best one we (sadly) already discovered the first evening

Anette and her bloody mary with 
a twig of pine

My new sun glasses
which costed me an arm and a leg

A church

Religious people

We had tapas at one of the many "toothpick tapas" places, where you grab what you want, and then they count the toothpicks in the end to figure out how much you need to pay.


Sippin' cava
(or was it 'gulpin' it down'?)

The fresh oysters were only two euros a piece, and I was like, 'hey, I need to try that'.

It was raw, and sea-y, and clam-y and slimey.

I'll eat it again if I'm served it, but I won't be doing any cart wheel of excitement
(*pearls before swine*)

Me and random chick on the subway

The harbor
- Barcelona really has it all!

More random people

Me in my makeshift 
"church-appropriate" clothes
(remember we went inside a church earlier that day,
and I couldn't very well dress in my normal, 
slutty outfits)


X. said...


Barcelona <3

Kine <3

... <3!

Shelnmum said...

Hey girl, that looks like a really great trip! :) Looking at your holiday pictures, I really need to plan a holiday soon! :)