Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Trip to Barcelona (Part II)

Still in Barcelona!



More tourists


Touristy stuff

Seemingly naked in the
streets of Barcelona

Our hotel room might have been plain and simple, but a big bonus was that it had a bath tub! So we located the nearest Lush store and I bought my favorite bath bomb that I never get to use at home.

Mind you, the bath tub 'was' of normal size
- unlike the bath tub in my apartment
in Japan that was the size of a big
kitchen sink, and would only fit me if I kept in
fetal position while taking a bath

They say cow dung is good for your skin

Looking pretty takes a lot of work..

One bottle of wine later..

Here's a small advice:

Do not drink and mark something (wrongly) on the map, and then, while drunk, try to navigate using that very same map.

We tried to find a bar that was mentioned in our guidebook and wound up getting very lost. Luckily two nice guys asked if we needed any help, and we were like, "yes, we're drunk and trying to read the map, and it's impossible!".

The guys were very helpful pointing out the correct direction, and they didn't even make a move on us.

I mean, throughout our entire trip no one ever tried to hit on either one of us, not even once! I mean, have we lost our mojo? Face it, Anette, we're getting old and unattractive, tsk tsk

One disgusting margarita,
tasting of bad tequila and straight up
lemon juice

Anette was always happy with her

The next morning..

Just kidding!

I myself find tequila (preferably in huge amounts) to have a very refreshing, especially the day after consumption - almost like a detox!

And then we went back home.

The End

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Shelnmum said...

Another great post Kine! I laughed when I saw you went to Lush to buy bath bombs since there's a tub in the hotel room, I am also just like that! haha. :D