Monday, May 27, 2013

Breaking the Law & Moving


The other day I brought my mom to the botanical garden close to my house.

Mom doing a commercial
for Oishi tea 





Then guards came over to chase us away from the lawn, because it was forbidden to sit on the grass.

Mom sniggered. We'd already finished our food!


Mom had a good laugh at this girl's
pose while taking a picture
- God knows I've made quite a few funny 
positions while photographing myself

Pretty sure this wasn't allowed either

Unfortunately all of the growth houses were closed when we were there.

I think mom would have wanted to go inside...
According to mom there's a superstition 
saying that it is bad luck to grow jasmine flowers
(.. *pointing to a jasmine flower growing inside the growth house)
Mom said she already had thrown her pot out.
I told her Vidar and I have one at home, and she was like
"How long has it been there?"
"Dunno, a couple of months"
"Oh, okay, it should be fine. Give it away to someone"

I tried asking her WHY it is supposed to cause bad
luck - but she didn't know.

I'm keeping my pot.

Growth house closed?
No problem.

So cute

Yesterday Vidar and I went to help my dad moving.

I was dressed
ready for a workout!
Ice cream for breakfast

My dad has a lot of junk. He is a serious hoarder. He could've been on a TV show.

Vidar and Veronika
taking a break
Veronika and her man, Christer

Giant forheads run in the family

Saying 'goodbye'
to this view
We got pizzas!

Then Vidar and I went back home and got drunk.

Frida photo update:

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