Saturday, May 18, 2013

New Family Member & Celebrating the Norwegian National Day

First, some completely random food photos:

Green smoothie

 Spicy coconut milk fish soup

 My take on Chef John's 
Monte Cristo Benedict


 Lemon & coconut cake

Cauliflower soup with bacon

Now that that's outta the way.

Our new family member, Frida, is starting to warm up to us:

Such a loveable creature.

Yesterday we celebrated the Norwegian national day!

Bus stop photo shoot!

I would LOVE to own a traditional Norwegian costume (called 'bunad') from my hometown, Lier. 

However, the complete outfit with the hand-embroidered dress, shirt and cape etc. will cost more than 20 000 NOK (almost 3500 $). And then you also have to spend another 2000 $ or so on the hand-made silver jewellery.

And on my student budget a bunad is no where near reach. Maybe in the future when I become a rich social worker (*... BAHAHA!!*)

Here, Lotte is wearing her Lierbunad:

This is from her celebration of the 
National Day last year,
and I completely stole this
off of her blog

Oh well.

My 50$ outfit from H&M will have to make do.

On our merry way to..

... Vidar's momma's house!

 Inger-Lise had set the table 
beautifully for brunch

'Someone' finds me more interesting,
than I find him.. 
I'm a cat person!

The End!

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Anonymous said...

Aaaah, you're so pretty! So jealous of your eyebrows and your conplexion.