Monday, May 24, 2010

The Ultimate Test

IiiiK, one week away from the final Japanese exam, and I haven't started studying for it yet..

.. oh, well

So, this morning, we gathered for a semi-study circle at Petter's place


Petter & Benedicte

And THEN -

I put Vidar through the ultimate test

Poor guy.


Meeting my momma for the first time

And my kid sister
Who at least looks a little less crazy

Peace offering action:

"Does he need a carrot?"
*Vidar* "No, thank you, I'm fine"

"Sure he does"


*Good boyfriend*

Then we went to McDonald's - Reinthong/Langård style:

Can you spot my momma?

In our household
"Sitting properly by the table"
Was never a subject

Vidar and Veronika
shop at the same store

Mom is 'so' comfortable

Then I asked for a hug

Luckily I was her TaeKwon-Do instructor for only a year. Besides, I'm bigger and stronger

"Veronika, this is our momma
She's strange
But we gotta love her"

"Come here you"

Look at her
Smiling bravely
My arm is functioning
as a straitjacket

Then, she got loose

She was never seen again

22 years in Norway
And my momma still manages
to look like a tourist

In the voice of Borat:

Great success!

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Silje Meum said...

Det så utrolig koselig ut, hele greia! Stakkars Benedicte så litt trist ut bare hehe..