Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hot Asian Chicks and Some Other People

My inner hot Asian


I stalked my friends with the camera.


My nails!
Black nailpolish with pink glitter
Why not


Then I dragged Lilly out into the hall for a semi-photoshoot

Enough with the hot Asian chicks.

Then I met up with my awesome friend, Dag.

Warning: Some readers may find the next photos offensive.

Especially if you are Swedish.

Party-Swedish people: Go home!

Tsk, tsk
This could have been a campaign for one of the
racist political parties in
Too bad I'm mixed race
It kind of ruins it

(I love Swedish people.)

Now, I present to you: My ass


That's it


kakemonster said...

yay! Jeg hadde kjempelyst til å bli tatt bilde av deg fordi du er kjempe kjempeflink! Jeg var en "smule" awkward fordi jeg er ikke vant til slik...fortsatt super glad 10hi!

Dag said...

I love it! :-)

siriporn said...

Veronika skal lage sushi...