Sunday, May 16, 2010


.. It's been pretty hectic, trying to wrap up this school year. I've written one term paper, and I'm writing another one next week - and then I have, like, four days to read for my Japanese exam. That's crazy *hyperventilating*

Still I find time to torment my loved ones with the camera.

Someone is getting tired of it

So I have to find unsuspecting victims..


I spent most of the weekend with my best friend in Drammen.

She's gotten herself a new hobby:

Lara Croft playing sax

And how is she teaching herself, you ask?


Crazy, but you gotta love her.

Anette's two-year-old sister, Elena:


Anette and I had a surreal weekend. Unfortunately I don't kiss and tell. Mehe.

That's it.

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