Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Buddy Program: Matricualtion Cermony

Bright and early this morning I met up with my co-buddies for the welcome cermony for the new students at the university of Oslo. There we were going to meet our 30 something international "buddy kids" who'll be in our care for the next few days.

Co-buddy Helene

Co-buddy Manuela

Gee, I look great in red, don't I

Then we waited for our "kids".

.. and waited

Finally they arrived and we could check them off our list before the big cermony started (hoo-haa).

Mother hen Kine

The big traditional cermony consisted of long and boring speeches by important university people.

This semester there's 6000 new students - around a thousand of them are international kids coming from abroad.

After the cermony we went to Campus for some lunch (yay, free stuff!)

Then we gave them a tour around campus.

Then we forced them to do silly get-to-know-one-another games. (Mwahaha!)

And now I'm heading back out again to meet up for a big buddy quiz shindig.

Then I will get drunk and obnoxious.

(Hi, mom! *waving*)

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