Monday, August 16, 2010


The other day I was bored.


My new haircut makes me look like a nice person.

So deceiving.

Gawd, I look more and more like my mother for every haircut I get

(No offence, mom)

Next time I'm thinking of shaving it all of on the sides and leave a little hair left on the top.

It'll be swell.

Today I went to visit my good friend, Dag, who has finally managed to get out of the depressing cave he's been living in the past three years and into a nice and urban joint.


So, naturally there won't be any pictures of the actual apartment, even though it was very nice.

Instead I'd like to share with ya'll that I made sure to take the liberty of rolling around on the kitchen floor as soon as I got past the doorstep.

My back was aching from running around all day on campus in high heels.

My university has a "buddy program" at the beginning of every semester for the new students.

This year I'm a "buddy" together with a couple of other Norwegians for a buddy group consisting of almost thirty international students. We're meeting them for the first time tomorrow at the matriculation cermony, and then we'll spend the next two weeks socializing with them, trying to integrate them and help them getting settled.

Most importantly, there will be beer.

Anyway, after rolling around on the floor for a while I finally handed Dag my carefully assembled housewarming gift (actually, I coincidentally found them stuck to my scarf, shh)

Dag was so delighted he wanted to celebrate by trying to get me drunk.

They where all mine

Unfortunately, I'm a pretty sturdy gal.

And before he knew it, Dag was the one rolling around on the floor.

Just kidding.

Then he pulled out a toy.

What it is?

A bonsai tree puzzle.

Dag's room mate,

*Insert Southern US accent*
Why, hi there, handsome
Where ya'll headin'?

I love Dag, but you'd think after so many years of friendship he'd start to get used to my unappropriate behaviour and foul mouth, but I still manage to make him embarassed

Tsk, tsk.


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Herrlig,- fine bilder;-)