Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Roles Reversed

Cat's pet rat

Today I invited myself to Cat's new little crib, that I hadn't yet seen.

I got to borrow Cat's "hair" and enjoy a cup of tea feeling very pretty.

what's the point in getting a
When two weeks later my bangs are
blinding me!


Then we went downtown and met up with my mom and Vidar to eat dinner at Rice Bowl.

As usual the restaurant was jam-packed, and we had to wait for a table.

Mom, running out of patience, talked two Thai women into letting us sit at their table. Such a Thai thing to do, but very abnormal to westerners. Poor Cat and Vidar.

Feeling a bit akward

Perfect strangers

Couldn't care less

The following photo series I would like to call "Mother & daughter, roles reversed"

Very serious

Look at mom's innocent face

But she had plans


Trying to kick me, huh
Too bad I've got mad
(hey, look at that definition, people)

Then I wanted to give my mom a piggyback ride

But she wanted me to carry her "like a Thai mother carries her baby"

I still can't believe I came out of that petite woman

Then, as a reward for being a good boyfriend, my mother gave Vidar a pack of Longong fruit. Of course.


The End.

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