Monday, January 24, 2011

Late Christmas Dinner with the "In-laws"

One of my hard-working teachers

You try getting a bunch of Norwegians to learn Chinese.

Today we actually made the teacher cry.

I hope they pay her enough.

This evening Vidar and I went to his momma's house for dinner.

To my pleasant surprise we were having one of the many traditional Norwegian Christmas dishes; Pinnekjøtt - leftover from Christmas - and since I spent Christmas in Thailand, I haven't exactly had my share of greasy Christmas food this year (or, eh, last year that is).

Handsome maaan!

Ueh, blurry

Vidar making fun of me trying to get a
decent shot of myself

Pinnekjøtt is ribs of lamb or mutton that has been salted and dried, soaked for thirty hours in water before getting boiled together with birch sticks. Yeah. It's salty and rich, and very tasty!

Beer and aquavit
- a flavoured spirit produced in Scandinavia

Linus with his beloved tennis ball