Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Animal Cruelty and HIV

With one day to spend in Chiang Mai, Anette and I made sure to support the exploitation of wild animals at Tiger Kingdom.

I spent nearly 800 baht to pet one small and one big tiger, and it's really like petting a dog, anyway, and, to the confusion of the staff, I did not care to have my picture taken with the tigers. Instead I was more interested in taking other people's vacation photos:


After a day in Chiang Mai, Anette and I caught a bus for the nearly three-hour ride to Chiang Rai, the province way north in Thailand bordering both Laos and Burma.

Once again, we met up with Plan staff, and on our first day they brought us to a community supported by their organization, where families affected by HIV are given the means to help themselves, being in charge of a smallhold, making produce they can sell or use for their own consumption.

Some of the very sweet and hard-working
Plan Thailand staff

Our driver who'd just bought a bunch of
long beans fresh from the garden of
one of the families

Then we did some more touristy stuff.


Laos on the other side of the Mekong river

Dinner by the river side


Anonymous said...

The more I read you articles, the more I ant to go to Thailand...
But I think I'll have to make money first, at least to buy theairplane tickets. Thanks for the info you gave me the last time!

Anonymous said...

Trodde nesten det første bilde var ett kosedyr! xD men åååh tigerbildene var helt fantastiske!Føler jeg bare kan stikke hånda gjennom bildet og klappe den!

siriporn said...