Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Reunited with Wictoria & Back to School


Back at school and back to the self-inflicted pain.

No, studying Chinese is fun, fun, fun.

Unfortunately both Cat and Benedicte have dropped out, so now there's only me and...

.. Lotte!

(And Benj.)

After school yesterday I went to Benedicte's house for a grand fiesta, catching up with Wictoria who's been on a short trip back to Norway to celebrate Christmas before returning back to her studies in Japan.


Me and Asaki

Comparing belly buttons?
Then Miina got a little eager
Then it all went overboard

Look, look, look!:

He's still hanging in there. Credits to you, my love.

This morning..

*drum roll*

I went to school.

And spent a few hours couped up inside.

And then school was over and I had to go back outside, which I'd rather not at this time of year.

I'm cold!!

Benj and I on our merry way to the cafeteria
We made sure to find a seat next to the radiator
The cafeteria guy on campus said I'd gotten skinny
and then slapped some more food on my plate



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