Monday, January 17, 2011

Final post from Thailand: Meeting Plan Sponsor Child in Chiang Rai

Anette's sponsor child together with family

Plan in Norway, my best friend Anette has a Thai sponsor child, living in Chiang Rai.

Last Monday we got the opportunity to meet the kid, whom I'll from now on will refer to as Nong N. ("Little N.").

Together with Plan Thailand staff we drove out to his little village last Monday.


Naturally Nong N. was kind of like a pop star in their little community this day, getting this grand visit from Plan staff and one and a half white people.

A little overwhelmed

During winter season the weather is still pretty hot in most of Thailand (at least by Western standards). But in provinces like Chiang Rai, situated in the way North, it actually can get pretty chilly (still, like an average Norwegian summer).

Every year there's put together charities collecting blankets and such to be sent to the northern part of the country

Anette had brought a few items for Nong N. and his family after Plan's guidelines, being careful not to cause jealousy among the other villagers.

A warm sweater

Some pencils and a note book

Demonstrating the pencil sharpener

.. topped off with a silly and warm hat
He started to warm up (to us)

Anette had brought a polaroid camera, so that we could snap some photos of the kids and families in the village and give to them.

Anette and Nong N. waiting for their photo to appear

Big hit

A football was given for all the kids to play with

Anette gave away some small items to all the kids in the village,
like key chains with the Norwegian flag

Graciously accepting her present the Thai way

Anette had also brought some figurines of the creature Troll, a scary character from Norwegian folklore.

I tried to explain the kids by comparing it to the Thai Yak, telling them that the trolls live in the forest and eat kids. For the first time since our arrival, Nong N. forgot about his shyness and showed true amazement and enthusiasm.

A little anxious, recieving the Troll
(look at his friend's fascination)

Nong N.'s baby sister

Caressing the ugly Troll

Smoking tobacco

Polaroid shot of proud momma and baby

Anette feeling like a giant next to
Nong N. and his family

A quick shot of Nong N. and the photographer

Present for the family: two warm blankets

.. bag of rice

Then we said our goodbyes, with promises of letters and hopefully a new visit some time in the future.

Then we stopped by yet another school supported by Plan in Chiang Rai.

Kids playing during recess

A collage made in the event of the Thai father's day
(The King's birthday)

*Someone is in trouble*

Then we got thrown into a classroom and had a chat with the kids.

The woman from Plan functioning as an interpreter, introduced me and said that I spoke Thai and then urged me to explain to the kids why I knew Thai, wanting me to tell that I'm half Thai.

Instead I stole the show by proclaiming in a cheeky way, by using a Thai idiomatic phrase, saying that it was "a gift from heaven" - causing the room to roar with laughter and earning me a new recognition and acknowledgement among the Thai Plan staff and teachers listening.

I am Thai, after all.

Then we went to a nearby hot spring.

The water was boiling hot

"Wet", "ewt" - same, same

Then we boiled some eggs in the hot spring
for lunch

And then...

Anette and I went back to Bangkok and enjoyed a couple of days before we went home to Norway.

I got back on Friday, went to work on Saturday and Sunday, and my Chinese classes started today! Phew!

That's it from Thailand!


X. said...

Thank you for a great time and beautiful photos!
I'm lucky to have you as my BF.

Love yah!

Dag said...

I loved reading your latest post, and ofcourse enjoyed the pictures. It put a big smile on my face :-)

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures! I READ YOUR BLOG! EVERY BLOG POST!!!!!!
Love the shy kid! Wanna eat him!

.;*Miina*;. said...

så søt nong n er!
så smart å ha med polaroidkamera, jeg har tenkt jeg må skaffe meg slikt. Er jo så mye kulere å kunne gi bilder der og da i stedet for å vente til de er fremkalt og glemt..

Er det vanlig å kunne dra å besøke barna man er fadder for?

X. said...

Miina, ja, du kan besøke fadderbarnet ditt, etter retningslinjene til Plan. Dvs, selvfølgelig kan du besøke barnet, men med visse forholdsregler, som at du ikke kan ta med barnet hjem osv... :D

240,- i måneden koster det å gjøre en forskjell. Det er ca 3-4 øl på byen.

Dessuten føler man seg bedre, hehe. Neida, men det er givende.

kakemonster said...

Det var en fin tur! Takk for dere delte bilder.

ねこちゃん said...

These pictures are truly amazing.. My mouth was wide open while looking at them..