Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Final Japanese Exam & Party

Karoline looking cool, calm and collected

Oh, the horror.

Yesterday it was time for the long dreaded final 6-hour Japanese exam - which in my case would mark the end of my Japanese studies. The nerves kept most of us tossing and turning in bed all night.

Now, how are you really feeling, Karoline?

*I want to die*

*Cecilie was here*

I'd been up since 4.30 in the morning

Wictoria in high spirits

The exam went very well!

Moving on.

In the evening all of the Japanese studying students gathered on the 12th floor in a building on campus, to celebrate that we'd survived the school year.

Reiko 先生

Tomoko 先生

Expensive food



*IiiiH, we survived!*

*Okay, done celebrating*

I bet it's just like wearing slippers


After all,
It was a party for Japan-loving


Please notice Benedicte to the left

She just wouldn't stay in the frame yesterday

I'd even washed my hair
for the occasion
Oh, the effort

Daniel performed



The End.

No, really.

Most of my best friends in class will be returning to Japan in the fall.

But for me, after two years of hard work I'm done studying Japanese.

What's next?

I'll wrap up my bachelors degree by taking Chinese my final year.

Stay tuned.


Silje Meum said...

The beginning ^__^

siriporn said...

wonderful handmade, I love it.

Hoshifune said...

Kyaahhh, Kine har tatt bilde av meg >_< Ureshiii!
Synes du har laga en artig samling av de forskjellige raringene som studerer japansk^^

Marion said...

Hei frøken!
Jeg fant bloggen din ved å google ladyboy.. hahaha.. det var liksom det eneste jeg kom på! :D
Håper du legger ut bilder og at du kan sende over de bildene som du ikkelegger ut her :)

mailen min er marionpedersen@hotmail.com (ja, veldig kreativ epostadresse...)