Thursday, August 23, 2012

Costume Party & Dressing as a Chola

LOL, so many people from California stopping by this blog post as it's getting closer to Halloween. 

Too funny

*Edit anno 2013: A more recent Chola costume

Yesterday I went to a costume party, and I finally got to bring out my inner Chola (a female Mexican gangster).

Two tattooed teardrops,
each representing the two people I've killed:
My ex-boyfriend
And the puta I caught him cheating

Sup, ese

I got a few (worried) looks from strangers
on the way to the pre-party,
and when Mira when to buy some beer
I waited outside the store,
and suddenly the security guy came
lurking around.

Haha, imagine walking around
 alone like this,
I'd be worried I'd accidentally
get shot down by a rivalizing gang
member, or something

I wouldn't be walking around like this
in east LA, that's for sure

Ehr, viva la raza!

Doh, fail

It felt inappropriate to smile
while wearing a black lipliner

People with black lipliners
don't smile, I'd reckon

The pre-party was full of dressed-out people, both from my new biiig class (currently 135), and a bunch of the sophomore students that have been taking care of us (ie. getting us drunk) the past couple of weeks.

And when we were drunk enough, we went out!

(And then I had classes at 8.30 am this morning. No worries, vato.)


X. said...

veerendra,hyderabad,INDIA said...

hi kine

where r u....

missing u deaar...ur blogging

Vincent said...

Your pic is awesome. May I use one of them for my chola page?

Kine Merete said...

Sure, go ahead!

Wenni Donna said...

Wow!! Everyone seems to had a lovely time enjoying there. For my Halloween party at LA venue I did amazing arrangements along with my friend. We both took ideas from a blog and all the invitees loved and enjoyed a lot.