Monday, September 14, 2009

First day at school

Today we went to campus to take a placement test before the classes really begin. It was the same test as they give to the seniors - who's been studying Japanese a year longer, so naurally there was a lot of stuff on the test we're not supposed to know yet. Some people in my class still tend to freak out, but I think it's a matter of having a bit of self insight; what we've learned, we know - what we haven't learned, we don't know. No reason to make a big fuss about it.

Akiko-san! On the train station on our way to school we ran into one of our teachers from our first semester back home in Norway. I think she is working on her master's degree in pedagogic.

Benedicte - one of my classmates


The library

Tomorrow we're going back for an orientation. I think they'll inform us on the different subjects we can choose, in addition to the mandatory ones, and also about the different "clubs" on campus. I still don't know when the classes start. Someone said Friday.
The campus is pretty desserted. Most people are still on their summer break. Despite being an international university, most of the foregin students seem to come from Asia. A lot of people from the Philippines and Korea. The Norwegians are the only western people around, except for this one Hawaiian girl and a Spanish girl that took the test together with us today.

After school Lotte and I went to a Tonkatsu joint not so far form my house for some lunch.

Ramen - the lunch yesterday. Today's tonkatsu was very good, but fortunately not photogentic enough.

Daniel and the can of Fanta I bought yesterday. It said "Fanta world - Grapefruit", but it was full of Jell-O! I really liked it, but it was a bit difficult to "eat", trying to suck the Jell-O out of the small hole, I winded up choking on a piece.

Two cutiepies on their way home frome school


Den sleipe kråkebolle said...

er så glad for at du legger ut så mange bilder ^^

marithaug67 said...

yay! Fantastisk blogg Kine1 Du skriver utrolig bra. Morsomt og levende. Kjempegøy å følge med på hva en av de "gamle" klubbjentene mine driver med. Koser meg når jeg leser!
som fortsatt synes at Sjåstad ruler og holder klubben åpen for kidsa!