Friday, September 25, 2009

Matriculation Cermony

Today we had a matriculation cermony at school. We had one class just before, which 50% of my dear classmates didn't show up for, as they somehow assumed we wouldn't be having classes today. But this Goody Two-Shoes didn't miss a thing! Well, our teacher kept keeping us in the classroom, even tough the cermony started at 11, and when we finally got to the venue, a bunched of stressed people dressed in suits escorted us to out seats. Catrine, Benedicte and I kept joking that this felt like in the movies were innocent people caught in a misunderstanding suddenly would be pushed on stage to give a speach, or something. But we were safe.

The cermony was pretty boring, as we didn't understand anything, which we're getting more and more used to. Not being able to understand what is going on around me and what is being said, makes me feel like a child again, and after an hour of long speeches and being told to stand up and bow to the important person holding a speach 1 billion time, we didn't exactly cry when they let us go. But matriculation cermonies seem to be an important tradition in Japan, and it was nice to be able to be a part of it.

When we walked out we recieved a small box with this rice and beans, which is the traditional "congratulations for entering university"-gift. I tasted it, and it was pretty good. The rice was pretty sticky and it was a little bit sweet, but mostly just starchy. The cafeteria lady was a bit shocked when I wanted to throw it, and I felt a bit bad for not knowing to treasure it enough.

Baaah, I look so Asian!

You need rice???!

Yesterday Wictoria, Benedicte, Cat and I went to a Chinese reastaurant after school. Starved and sick of bland Japanese food we went in the hopes of finding something to eat that actually had a decent flavour. This issue I seem to have gotten with Japanese food lately is really bugging me, since I'm normally not a picky eater at all.
Anyway, at this (kind of expensive) Chinese restaurant I ordered a sweet and sour dish with chicken. It arrived on a plate with a spoon, but without any rice in sight. I gave the lady a confused look and asked where the rice was, and she gave me a look like she'd just swallowed a fart and said "You need rice??", like it was the most stupidest question ever. Slightly (or very - low bloodsugar due to starvation equals low patience) annoyed I said "Yes, how can you eat this without rice?" - That would be like eating the ham and cheese without the piece of bread. Being raised by a Thai mom, she would have smacked me upside the head if I were to just eat the "with-rice", the meat and vegetables (the expensive stuff) without the rice (which makes you full). She kept nagging about "extra charge, extra charge", but I didn't care. I've never experienced this when eating at a Chinese restaurant before.
Is this really normal? Maybe I'm weird.

The parkinglot for bikes at school


Lotte said...

Hehe, jeg har opplevd akkurat det samme paa en kinesisk restaurant i Yokohama, der fikk vi heller ikke ris ved siden av maten. Det maatte vi bestille ved siden av...

Hoshifune said...

Jeg ble også blargh på japansk mat etter å ha vært der en liten stund. Heller enn å bli vant til ting ble det bare vanskeligere og vanskeligere å ete...:( Har aldri vært på kinarestaurant i Japan, men det høres jo helt vildt ut at i Japan av alle steder skal du ikke få ris med...

Anonymous said...

hehehe... det har jeg og oppleved. Naar jeg var i kina og vi reister rundt, hver gang vi var paa en resteraunt vi spurt om vi kunne faa ris med... fant ut at ris betyr 'fattig'... fordi de rike, de blir mett paa groennsaker og kjoett ikke ris.
hoeres ut som du har det bra i japan. kjekt aa sjaa litt av japan og livet ditt der :)
Haaper du kos deg.