Saturday, September 19, 2009

Short trip to Chiba

Today Catrine and I went to Chiba, a short train ride from Togane. We're bored, we're in Japan, and we don't have classes until next Thursday.

We discovered this small park right by the train station in Togane

In Japan the areas were people cross the street are wide

We finally went and got our mandatory purikura-stickers done

Hey - a vending machine selling beer!

Chiba Folk Museum

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Mike said...

Hey, you're here! Welcome! Hey, I've never left a blog comment with the instructions in Norwegian before. It's a good test of my inductive language skills.

Enjoyed reading your last few posts. You've come at a good time weather wise. And I think you've already explored Chiba city even more than me - and I live here! If ever you are on the Keiyo Line heading toward Tokyo (out of Soga) I'm in Inage Kaigan, so wave as you go by!

I'm not in the JIU campus much as I'm based mostly out of the Media Campus in Kaihin Makuhari (just 2 stations upstream from where I live) -- but I'm sure we'll run into each other sooner than later. Hope you keep enjoying that "new to Japan" experience. I still remember my first year. Loved the craziness and contradictions!