Thursday, September 3, 2009

Last days in Norway part I

Steffen and I

Hi, ya'll!

Yesterday a few of my favourite class comrades and I met up for a study circle at the cafeteria at school. As usual I was busy taking pictures, preventing me from getting any work done. Oh, well.

Fortunately we're all going to the same university in Chiba, so we'll get to see a lot of each other the next five months, yay! Some of my other close friends from school are going to universities in Osaka and Sapporo, and imma miss 'em.




Later that day my awesome colleagues made me dinner and we went out. I'm taking a five month leave from work, due to this Japan-stint, and they all wanted to say goodbye. *Sniffle* I feel so loved! Hehe.


Santos, the wittle doggie

Trine and Linn

An awesome day with some awesome people!

Today I went and had fancy sushi together with my friend, Dag.

Look at my giant-ass forhead, people.

I even got to taste whale. It was alright, but I don't think my tree-hugging, animal-loving friends would approve.


- Kine

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