Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Snug as a bug

On Sunday we went back to Tokyo to buy some school necessities. I spent a small fortune on a electronic dictionary that, in addition to help me translate the kanjis (Chinese characters) when I'm trying to figure out how to use the washing machine, hopefully will be helpful at school. Which I don't doubt. I still lack a few textbooks and dictionaries, which they are supposed to be selling at the book store at school, but, surprise!, their not. I've considered buying them online at the Japanese Amazon site, and even managed to add all of the books I need to the shopping chart, but I chickened out, remembering that my Japanese skills still suck, and that I wouldn't be able to pull the order through. I need a Japanese friend! Or maybe a P.A.

I've been feeling restless these past few days. School hasn't really started yet, and I feel like I live in my own little bubble. My language skills sure hasn't improved any since my arrival. Japanese people seem to be so polite and serious all the time, never any contact-seeking. It makes me miss Thai people's warm and curious way of being, and how they are so much easier to make contact with, easily smitten by their seemingly love for life, despite their hardships.

In Tokyo Catrine and I went to a place called Nekobukuro (Cat Cafe) in Ikebukuro. Both of us loving cats, but currently not owning one at the moment due to our citizen-of-the-world life status, we thought we'd finally get to satisfy our needs to pet these fury creatures. It basically was an indoor area with a bunch of super spoiled, well groomed cats that were clearly used to having big and small hands poking and grabbing them all day. Unfortunately I did't get to fill my need to pick one up and carry it like a baby and snuggle it, as they elegantly bounced away from my slightly desperate, yet descreetly, attempt to grab one. Bummer.

Hey, look what I found belly-up, struggeling, on my balcony the other day when I was getting my laundry left out to dry. I figured it wasn't going to be too bad for my karma, not imidiately helping it turn around - since if I hadn't noticed it anyway, it would have probably still be lying there, frustrated, wiggling it's legs. So I went back in to get the camera and it had to endure a small photo shoot.

But then I did my duty and flipped it around. Now it's probably in the same condition at one of my neighbours balcony.

Today I've been reading for the test tomorrow. God knows the study-conditions sucks. We haven't gotten our student I.D's yet, so I can't access the library at school. *Sigh* The small desk they've provided for our apartments is the size of a postal stamp with a itty-bitty stool that won't fit my butt. And if I read on the bed I usually suffer the wellknown phenomenon of falling asleep.

Even tough classes haven't started for real yet, I at least think I like how I can depend on myself being the usual dutiful me, instead of relying on my non-existing self dicipline, when it comes to surving the classes. Lots and lots of tests and homework to come, yay!

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