Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fieldtrip - Wellness Day

Today we got up bright and early, despite it being a Sunday, and went to school to join a fieldtrip to another of the university's campus, two hours away, where they held some kind of festival.

Less talk, more pictures:

Cat and her choco-banana.


The view from behind the school, situated on top of a mountain

Yours truly

A happy hula-kid with the school mascot in the background.
It's supposed to be a whale.
The bully in me wants to charge to tackle it.
It would've been so easy to make it fall over. Mwaha

Some hula-people

A kitty on the way home from school.
It didn't want to cuddle with me. Bu

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Hoshifune said...

Omig, choco banana! Skulle √łnske jeg fikk dratt dit en gang...