Saturday, September 19, 2009

Starving in Japan

Life in Togane is so much more comfortable on a bike
Ørrn - ØRRRRRN - ØRN !!!!
Yesterday we went to school to meet some of our teachers and get some information on the classes. They sure bable away in Japanese. Tsk, tsk. Boring stuff. Now, some pictures!

Japanese girls love to decorate their cellphones. This is my classmate,
Heidi's, creatively bedazzled one.



After school a bunch of us went to one of the local okonomiyaki joints for some lunch. Okonomiyaki is a kind of Japanese savoury pancake that you fry yourself on the table.

Lorraine and Benjamin

I didn't like it too much. The meat was greasy and the other stuff was bland. And the Japanese put mayo on everything! I'm starting to get tired of the bland Japanese food, always walking around feeling kind of hungry, craving something more satisfactory and tasteful. Bah.

Still hungry yesterday evening, I figured that I hadn't had sushi in Japan yet. So I finally went to the sushi restaurant across the road, whose costumers I've probably unintentionally flashed several times as it's in view from my balcony.

I managed to drag my friend, Catrine, who doesn't eat sushi, with me, as I needed her moral support. When we entered, all of the 10 staff people all battled to wish us welcome ("irrashaimaseeeee") using different tones. We were seated in front of the chefs preparing the sushi. Small plates in different colours indicating different price range with sushi were placed on this moving thing, so all of the dishes were parading in front of us, for us to grab whatever we wanted to eat.

Normally being pretty adventurous when it comes to food, even I was a bit sceptical. Especially when I tried a piece of squid sushi and it was all slimey and impossible to chew. Keeping my best friend, Anette's, story about a big plate of grose kidney stew at a ex-boyfriend's-parents-house dinner in mind, i finally managed to swallow a big piece whole, in lack of a napkin, flushing it down with some green tea.

The other sushi was pretty good, I'm just not quite able to distinguish quality sushi yet. I'll probably go back there soon, but I'll stay away from the raw squid.

Green tea


gee said...

Squid is good for your nervous system. Try to eat less salty and you will be less hungry , as salt stimulates appetite.

ねこちゃん said...

aaah kaitensushi!! I love the hyakuyen ones !!.haha.ikka is groooooss..hamachi, salmon, maguro, saba, sanma etc. are the best..and lol YES! I'm reading all your blog..never done something like this before because most people start boring me too fast..but yours rocks.