Friday, December 25, 2009

Celebrating Christmas in Japan

My Christmas

.. in Japan, December 24th 2009

Good morning, clothes that I've forgotten to take inside

Hello, neighbor across the street
Hope I haven't unintentionally flashed you too many times lately

Up bright and early on Christmas Eve. But no excitement, no snow, no family..

.. just school

.. and good friends <3

Hello, Cat and cat

This poor kitty has been hanging around our apartment building this past couple of days. I don't know if it's lost or doesn't have a owner, or what. It has a broken leg, but it seemed to have healed by itself.

I wish I could give him food and water, shelter and love, but I don't think it's right for any of us to make it depend on us when we're going back to Norway soon.

I asked Supermario Sensee at school today if he knew about an animal shelter or something in Togane, and he said he'd check, so we'll see.

Hello, Petter

Petter is a good friend and one of my classmates. But since he's a genius when it comes to learning languages he got to study at a university for smart people in Osaka this semester. Now his semester is over, and he has stopped buy godforsaken Togane for a few days before he goes home.

Hello, giant forhead

Hello, poor Kitty.
No one loves you
Tsk, tsk

Hello, citrus tree on the way to school
And hello big truck racing pass me inches away
please don't kill me
I'm too pretty to die

Hello, unhealthy breakfast
Anything goes today
It's Christmas

Hello, Hershey ice cream


We all had to drag our asses to school for first period with Supermario Sensee.

.. and we watched a documentary from early 90's about comic book writing.

I tell ya, Josai University are out to punish us.

Hello, Benedicte
and random guy

Then people, after school we went to Jonathan's to eat an unhealthy lunch.

Oh, I'm just going to have myself some water

Ehr.. Maybe not

Still, we eat.

We're like a stupid loyal dog that keeps coming back to it's owner even though it gets kicked.

Oh well, no food poisoning yet.

Look at my ear thingies that I got in Harajuku the other day
I feel so themed

No snow in Togane

We were all invited to Cat's house for a makeshift feast
made by Jaqcueline.

Kjøttkaker in the making

Hey, people actually get sent stuff from Norway
Where's the love, ey
I guess I haven't been particulary good this year
Tsk, tsk

Then we made a makeshift Christmas tree

Benedicte and Petter even made cake!

Petter.. posing (?)
Please notice
in the mirror

Or "rook!"
in Japanese

Cat & Jaqcue enjoying our Christmas feast

We watched "Tre nøtter til Askepott" ("Three hazelnuts for Cinderella"), which Benedicte had brought on DVD. This is a Czechian movie which is broadcasted on a Norwegian TV channel every Christmas eve. Most Norwegians grow up watching this movie at Christmas, so no Christmas without it.

Mesmerized Benedicte
Excuse my feet

Then Cat passed out
and it was time to go home
.. across the hall


Dag said...

God jul Kine!

Hoshifune said...

Aww, skulle Onske jeg kunne sett Askepott med dere! >_<
Og jeg skal aldri spise pA Johnathans i Togane mer, takk for avslOringen. Og godt nyttAr!

Petter said...

Det var en hyggelig dag!