Sunday, December 6, 2009

Japanese Language Proficency Test

Early? Why, yes it was

My momma called me from the airport in Thailand at 1 a.m last night. I was fast asleep and thought it was the alarm clock, so I bounced out of bed, scared to oversleep and miss the JLPT-exam.

Then I realised it was an incoming call, and I, still more or less sleeping, answered it. I was met with a over-cheerful momma, babling away for several minutes about how she's "at the airport", do I "remember my aunt Kung", and asking if I had eaten yet. Then I finally managed to studder the words "test", "tomorrow" and "what time is it?". Then I could hear the penny drop and my mom realised that there's something called "International date line" (hizukeihenkousen in Japanese, in case you were wondering), and she exclaimed "Oh, sooorry, were you sleeping?" (Duh), and equally as cheerfully said "Well, then, good niiiiiight". And just hung up.

My mom never remembers that there's such a thing as time difference.

I love my momma.

I'd set the alarm to 5.45 a.m, in order to how enough time to slap on a face, just so I wouldn't distract the other examinees. God knows it was probably written as a caution somewhere in the massive booklet we recieved in advance, filled with cautions that needed to be avoided during the test.

Such as chewing gum. For some people their brain works better when they chew gum. Luckily my brain is functioning at it's very best at all times. Except when my mom is calling me in the middle of the night.

Cat and Heidi, not getting squished by the train
and not missing the JLPT-exam

So we got up at the crack of dawn, gathered the troops and headed for Josai, where buses escorted us to Chiba University.

Cat was here!

Lotte, portraying how we all felt about taking an exam on a Sunday

No need to pimp our rides, that's fo sho

Benedicte smiling bravely and
Wictoria focusing hard on memorizing.. something, as usual

An hour later we arrived at Chiba Daigaku.

Time to perform.. Seeee no! (Aaand go!)

It was a day fillied with waiting. The exam was divided into three sections and we had up to an hour break between each section. God knows why. After I had finished the last section there were still 30 minutes of test time left. So I fell asleep. I almost fell off my chair when interupted by the voice on the CD telling us to put our pencils down. Brutal.

Oh, and the guy sitting behind me didn't know how to read silently. I wanted to punch his face. No, I didn't. I'm a nice girl.

And I had ear plugs.

Everyone was relieved when the test was over, and I hope and think everyone did well.

Then, I bought myself a reward!


Look! The leaves look like yellow butterflies

On the busride home I punched a Chinese girl and stole her cell phone
so I could take a photo of it

Yay! My poor old (ehr, new, the other one was stolen, remembeer?) bike
waiting for me the entire day

Almost home and it's already dark.
Seconds later after taking this crappy photo I swallowed a bug.
I don't think it was very nutritious

What is this? A (self-payed) present for moi?

One day...

.. you guys are going DOWN!

LOOK what I found at the local supermarked the other day!

To rap this up, a few random pictures taken on my way to the store yesterday (you know, when I was supposed to study for the test)

A Yittle Yellow Bike

Oranges in December!

There's some kind of Norway promotion thing going on at the local sushi joint.
I've only had sushi 'once' since coming to Japan.
That's outragous.
Would anyone go with me?


gee said...

every product from Nestle is not a reward, it is a punishment: Nestle kills babies, dont you know???

Kine Merete said...

Really? Babies?

... Mwahahaha! *Rolls around in empty Kit-Kat wrapping*

siriporn said...

Det var utrolig fine bildet.

Hoshifune said...

Wahh, den mobilen var diiiggg!>_< Vil og ha sånt. Og kaichuu-klokka di, den var og ganske pimp. Håper det gikk bra med dere alle på JLPT, men det gjør det sikkert (^-^)b