Saturday, December 19, 2009

Making New Year Cards & School Light Festival

The other day I justified buying a can of Pringles for the sake of taking a picture of it and show it to you guys. Yeah. So here it is:

"White cream cheese"

I don't even like Pringles
It's like eating seasoned and crispy

Oh, yah - and the teacher made us write God damn Haiku-poems in class yesterday. I haven't written a poem since 8th grade, so..


I can't write
I don't like Haiku
I wan't to go home

I don't think Kosuka Sensee was too thrilled.

Heidi's Nintendo-thingy is invaded!


You like my nail polish? I like my nail polish *Ooo, sparkly*

Hello, Lotte

After school, Benedicte, Wictoria and I gathered at Benedicte's place for some arts and crafts. The other day Fujihiro Sensee taught us have to make Japanese New Year cards, so I wanted to make one for her, because she is so sweet.

My craft station on Benedicte's floor

Look what you're getting, momma
You're one lucky lady

Benedicte's view from the balcony. SO much more interesting than mine.
I'd spy on my neighbors all day long

The card for Fujihiro Sensee
YES I have noticed the spelling mistake and corrected it,
even tough correction pen is a big no-no.
I'm doomed

I'm so glad I have creative friends
Then I can copy their creativeness

Later in the evening the school was hosting a light festival, so we went there to look at.. trees with lights in 'em.

Yes, I get to leave this God forsaken place soon!


The past week winter has arrived. It is super cold, yet it is mostly sunny and no snow. The past couple of days there's been a few minor earthquakes too.

So if I die in one in the near future - it was nice knowing ya.


Liljekonval said...

Oh, you and your mother originally lives in Lier? I though I`d seen you before. :]
*Feeling stalker-ish*

siriporn said...

Yes Baby, Im lucky. Buddhism said you do good, will you receiv good. Haha..Im happy..